This year we are preparing something special for you: a chance to get to know more of Slovakia right after the Gathering! We will organize a bus or two and go to the most exciting locations in the surroundings to show you some of the gems that our country boasts. Make sure you arrange your trip to Slovakia so that you have time for these trips if you are interested.


If Bratislava was a person, she would be a polyglot!

Throughout its past, Bratislava was buzzing with the sounds of German, Hungarian, Slovak, Yiddish and many other languages. Located in the place where the wide Hungarian plains meet the Carpathian mountains and the mighty river Danube, the city has been a place where cultures and languages meet since the times of the ancient Celts, Germans and Romans.

Our guide Michal has designed this walking tour with polyglots in mind. Get an overview of the city and its surroundings from the top of Castle hill and walk through the medieval streets of the city to discover the rich, multilingual history of Bratislava!

 This tour is also a great opportunity to meet your fellow polyglots and learn about important contemporary developments in the city, such as where to get the best local beer!

Dates: Thursday 31 May and Monday 4 June from 2 PM to 5:30 PM. Price: free!

Devín trip

At the confluence of the rivers Danube and Morava, there sits an ancient castle overlooking the plains to the west. Perched atop a steep cliff, flanked by the two rivers on one side and by the Carpathian mountains on the other, this castle has been of vital importance for millenia.

Devín castle is a symbol of national pride for Slovak people, but history and stunning views are not all it has to offer! A microclimate especially suitable for wine-making surrounds the castle and makes Devín home to a variety of white wine also called “Devín”. It is also the home of an endemic type of wine made from the fruits of the red and black currant plants.

Join our half-day trip to Devín castle and see the place where once the iron curtain divided East from West. Listen to medieval stories of war and intrigue and finish the tour with a wine tasting of red and black currant wine in the shadow of the most famous castle in Slovakia!

Dates: Friday 1 June and Saturday 2 June from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Price: 19 €/person.

3 countries trip

Bratislava is the only capital city directly bordering two other countries. The history of the city is inextricably linked with those two countries – Austria and Hungary.>

Hop onto our polyglot bus and join our local guide Michal for a full day of exploring three countries in one day! Together we will walk along the iron curtain towards the point where the borders of Slovakia, Austria and Hungary meet. The Hungarian town Mosonmagyaróvár and the Austrian Hainburg await us with their medieval charm, their rich history and delicious treats.


Hainburg an der Donau (picture: faxepl)

Let’s stop for lunch at a traditional Hungarian csárda and enjoy Austrian-style Melange coffee while watching the mighty Danube flow past. We will finish our trip in a tiny and unique wine region for a glass of wine before heading back to Bratislava just in time for dinner and the opening ceremony!

Dates: Wednesday 30 May from 9 AM to 6 PM. Price: 49 €/person.

City game

Young Viliam is reported missing for several days and the police are clueless. Relatives are fearing the worst as they know Viliam wasn’t just an ordinary student. Can you find out what has happened to him?

This city game lets you discover Bratislava in the form of a playful adventure! In teams of 5 people you will receive a backpack with instructions and various items which will send you on a voyage of discovery through the old town of Bratislava as you unravel the mystery of what has happened to young Viliam.

The Bratislava city game is a great chance to discover some of the hidden treasures of the city while having fun with your fellow polyglot friends!

Dates: Wednesday 30 May and Sunday 3 June from 10 AM to 1 PM. Price: 15 €/person.