Frequently asked questions

I only speak one language. Am I allowed to come?

Yes! While the Gathering is for language lovers, there is no formal requirement of how many languages you have to speak. If you check out last year’s programme (or the videos from last time) and think you would enjoy an event like this, then you are welcome to join. The range of languages spoken by our participants goes from 1 to >30, with a median of 6.

What languages do you use at the Gathering?

All participants of the Polyglot Gathering have a big nametag with the list of languages they wish to communicate in. It is not uncommon to change the language in the middle of a conversation or when another person joins in. The most frequent languages are English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Esperanto. Don’t be surprised if people around you sometimes speak a language you haven’t even heard of before. Most talks are in English, but other languages are used as well. The languages used at each talk are always indicated in the program.

Can I contribute to the program?

Yes, we are accepting suggestions for lectures and workshops (45-minute taster sessions). Lectures can be in any major language and some minor ones. Speakers should be motivated by the idea of sharing their passion with the polyglot community. See How to participate for more information.

Did you get my registration/payment?

For the registration, you will get a confirmation email right away. If it does not arrive, please let us know. When you wire your fees it often takes a few days for the bank to process it. PayPal is much faster but charges us fees, that is why we prefer bank transfer if possible. Either way, when your payment arrives we will inform you a few days afterwards.

My country does not allow PayPal/I have no possibility to wire money to you upfront. What can I do?

If it is not possible for you to wire us your fee upfront, then let us know. We generally require upfront payment, but can make the rare exception. We cannot, however, postpone the payment for food for you.

Is this another Polyglot Conference?

No, Polyglot Conference is a separate event organized by our friends Richard Simcott and Alex Rawlings which takes place in different countries every year (the next one is planned for Japan in late 2019). There is another event which we highly recommend called LangFest, held annualy in August in Canada. All three events are trying to join polyglots and language enthusiasts and enable the polyglot community to get together and share our great passion for languages. We are very happy to receive participants who have been to Polyglot Conferences and LangFests and would like to meet like-minded language lovers again.