This is a provisory schedule of the talks and workshops of the Polyglot Gathering – minor changes are still possible.

The talks with a camera icon 🎥 will be recorded and put on our YouTube channel. The talks will be in the same language as the title, unless indicated otherwise.

For more details about each talk, you can download the program booklet that will be given to all participants at the Gathering.

Last-minute changes

The following information has been added to the program after the program booklet has been printed:

Crashcourse Klingon (André Müller)

Saturday, 12:00

The Klingon language (invented by Marc Okrand for the Star Trek movies and series) is one of the best developed and most famous constructed languages. Of course, 45 minutes does not suffice to fully learn this exotic language, but it will be enough to get a brief overview on the development of the language, and give an insight into its pronunciation, syntax and morphology, as well as some useful expressions. Don’t miss out on the fastest growing language of the galaxy!

How to improve language education (not only) in the EU? Challenges, problems, solutions

Thursday, 10:00–12:00

Download this PDF file for more details.

Wednesday, May 30

13-18Speed polyglotting and language meeting game
Cesco Reale, Vanessa Berger, Ekaterina Lozina
Free minglingRegistration
19:30-20:30Opening ceremony
20:30-22More polyglot games
Cesco Reale, Miroslav Šedivý

Thursday, May 31

RoomLanguage MentoringE@IuTalkAssimilAmikumuEsperanto
TimeEnglish talksNon-English talksLanguage workshopsNon-language workshops / More talksSocial events
9-10Fast Track Language Learning 🎥
Judith Meyer
Current challenges for multilingualism policy in the EU 🎥
Emília Andrejová
Polyglot breakfast
10-11Introduction to Warlpiri: An Indigenous Language from Australia’s Northern Territory 🎥
Brian Loo Soon Hua
Das Schlesische und seine deutschen Einflüsse 🎥
Małgorzata Długosz
Speaking from day one: an interactive multilingual lesson
Elisa Polese
How to improve language education (not only) in the EU? Challenges, problems, solutions 🎥
Panel discussion
Лингвистическая игра для полиглотов «Знаете ли вы пословицы на 11 языках?» Linguistic game “Proverbs in 11 languages” (RU, SK, EN, FR, ES, IT, DE, UK, BE, EO, LA)
Tatiana Mozhniakova
11-12Love in the mirror of languages throughout the centuries 🎥
Aleksandar Medjedovic
La géographie et histoire des langues européennes 🎥
Niels Johannes Legarth Iversen
12-13How it all works: insights into the nature of language learning 🎥
Grigory Kazakov
Как полиглоты учат языки. Обзор разных методов 🎥
Ruslan Kokorin
The Polyglot Singalong (FR, ES, IT, EN)
Olivia Sumich
Die Sprachenfrage in Europa: Chancen, Gefahren und Zukunfts­perspek­tiven eines English-only Europe 🎥
Oscar Hughes
¿Chili sin o con carne? Qué pasa con el mundo cambiando a una dieta vegana / basada en plantas
Jitka Vršovská (aka Jiti Dias)
Introduction into Russian by means of folk dance
Egor Anosov
15-16The Bengali Language 🎥
Timothy McKeon
Jsou podobné či ne? 🎥
Anastasiia Martynenko
A practical workshop in the GoldList method
David J. James and Lýdia Machová
Programmier­sprachen für Polyglotten: eine Einführung
Miroslav Šedivý
Nárečové projekty Slovenského národného korpusu: Korpus nárečí SNK a Archív nárečí SNK 🎥
Katarína Gajdošová
16-17Tibetan Indigenous Grammar in Colloquial Tibetan – Taught via Zoom: A synthesis of tradition and modernity 🎥
Franziska Oertle
La lectura extensiva: el método polígloto por excelencia 🎥
Joanna van Schaïk
Rôznorodosť slovenských zemepisných dialektov na Slovensku a v jazykových enklávach vo svete 🎥
Katarína Balleková
17-18Start-up talks (Lexical Computing and Amikumu) 🎥
Marek Blahuš, Chuck Smith
Polyglot Punning / Multlingve vortludumi (MUL) 🎥
Kelvin Jackson
Ukrainian with Disney (all levels)
Marta Melnyk
Secret Missions when you visit a Target Language country
Rick Dearman
Find Your Why, Your Goal Depends On It! 🎥
Francesco Samarelli
Aligatorejo (MUL)
19:30-21Culinary festival
21-22Polyglot karaoke
Olivia Sumich, Marta Melnyk, Cesco Reale

Friday, June 1

RoomLanguage MentoringE@IuTalkAssimilAmikumuEsperanto
TimeEnglish talksNon-English talksLanguage workshopsNon-language workshops / More talksSocial events
9-10Polyglot breakfast
10-11Bet you can’t pronounce it 🎥
Brian Loo Soon Hua, Hadrian Rachwał
5 Methoden um in einem Viertel der Zeit eine Fremdsprache fließend zu sprechen 🎥
Gabriel Gelman
Indo-Aryan for Slavic Speakers: from Sanskrit to Romani
Kevin Fei Sun
Language is in the ear, not the eye: Why learning to read too soon ruins your accent 🎥
Kyle Kuzman
Chinese and Japanese calligraphy
Oung-Heng Heng
11-12Shy perfectionists can learn, too: How to learn languages despite your internal struggles 🎥
Maria Spantidi
Apprenants intermédiaires, démoralisation et démotivation 🎥
Rick Dearman
Shanghainese: A Comparative Approach/用历史比较语言学学说上海话
Kevin Fei Sun
Deconstructing language 🎥
Simon Ager
Polyglots Dance Around the World (FR, ES, IT, EN)
Olivia Sumich
12-13How many languages do you speak or know? The Numbers Game – Examining Foreign Language Proficiency and Relative Language Difficulty 🎥
Timothy Dean Keeley
Najczęstsze błędy Polaków uczących się języka węgierskiego 🎥
Szabolcs Szilva
Почему русские смеются?
Anastasiia Lbova
Journey through the history of language learning 🎥
Santiago Diossa Muñoz
Polyglots: the Beginning (RU)
Petr Fedosov
15-16Principles of accelerated language learning 🎥
Grigory Kazakov
Rescued from extinction: uTalk’s Manx workshop
Dick Howeson
Introduction to Pashto/Pakhto 🎥
Bartłomiej Janiczak
Music Language Learning
Kyle Kuzman
Sácale todo el jugo a tus sesiones de español
Nacho Caballero
16-17Wikitongues: Preserving Languages and Talking to Strangers 🎥
Timothy McKeon, Irena Dahl
Why Hungarian is Easy
Kyle Kuzman
Mehrere Sprachen parallel lernen und gleichzeitig pflegen 🎥
Philippe Gagneur, André Herling
The Language of Aviation
Gavan Fantom
17-18Can you learn a language while sleeping? 🎥
Luca Sadurny
Comparaison entre deux langues planifiées: Rumantsch Grischun et Esperanto 🎥
Mireille Grosjean
Language of reindeer herders: uTalk’s Southern Saami workshop
Dick Howeson
Teochew: the other Minnan Chinese 🎥
Oung-Heng Heng
19:30-20:30Multilingual concert
Jonny M

Saturday, June 2

RoomLanguage MentoringE@IuTalkAssimilAmikumuEsperanto
TimeEnglish talksNon-English talksLanguage workshopsNon-language workshops / More talksSocial events
9-10Polyglot breakfast
10-11(Re)Learning a Heritage Language: How Hindi (and other languages) Helped Improve My Shanghainese 🎥
Kevin Fei Sun
Introduction au wallon 🎥
Simon Lejeune
Brazilian Portuguese Phonology
Creanguages. Learning new words by writing songs and poetry
Suomalais-ugrilaiset kielet 🎥
Kelvin Jackson
11-12A structured approach to online language teaching integrating LingQ and other online resources 🎥La recette des apprentis polyglottes 🎥
Cécile Plecenik
An Introduction to the Persian Language through Singing
Renate Hafemann
Learn to knit better than your grandma (MUL)
Kryštof Klestil
Arabic with Romanized letters 🎥
Bojana Zlatić
Kio? Kie? Kiam?
Petr Fedosov
12-13The Importance of Affect (Emotions) When Functioning in Foreign Languages and Cultures 🎥
Timothy Dean Keeley
Mitoj de poliglotoj aŭ kial la tuta homaro ne estas plurlingva 🎥
Peter Baláž
Crashcourse Klingon
André Müller
Canada – A Multilingual Country (With 2 Official Languages) 🎥
Matthew Schleifer
15-16“I’m Not Dead Yet!” Waking the Sleeping Language of Tunica 🎥
Dave Prine
Interpreters at Work (DE EN FR) 🎥
Madeline Vadkerty, Lissie Doerrer, Vahagn Petrosyan and Sayf Camran
Introduction to Esperanto in 100 minutes
Tim Morley
Meditado – kial kaj kiel ĝin praktiki?
Peter Baláž
Learn how to pronounce German correctly with the IPA 🎥
Ellen de Visser
Aligatorejo (MUL)
16-17Language Mentoring two years later: No one is taught, everyone is learning! 🎥
Lýdia Machová
Neuro-plasticità e implicazioni nell’apprendimento delle lingue 🎥
Stephen Artinian
So You Want to Build a Language App? 🎥
Eugenio Grapa
17-18A Talent for Languages 🎥
Richard Simcott
Lightning talks 🎥Following the News in Five Languages: An App, A Research Project, and an Invitation
Mircea Lungu
Fizikaj ekzercoj por ĉekomputilaj homoj
Ekaterina Lozina
Keyboard Layout for Polyglots 🎥
Adam Libuša
18-19:30Dinner + speakers’ dinner
20-22International culture evening

Sunday, June 3

RoomLanguage MentoringE@IuTalkAssimilAmikumuEsperanto
TimeEnglish talksNon-English talksLanguage workshopsNon-language workshops / More talksSocial events
9-10Polyglot breakfast
10-11The three-part strategy for improving listening skills 🎥
Tran Quang Hung
Language learning with Sports 🎥
Tervel Zwjatkow
Adapter un « Bullet Journal » pour l’apprentissage des langues
Maryline Lengert
How I learned 2000 Chinese characters in 50 days, and you can too 🎥
Pablo Román
Language challenge: Esperanto
11-12Don’t be intimidated by Asian languages! 🎥
Jana Fadness
L’utilisation de nos talents linguistiques pour créer un monde plus tolérant : l’étude de documents concernant l’Holocauste 🎥
Madeline Vadkerty
Get to know one of most beautiful languages in the world (Turkish)
Jarosław Szemet
The Talent Question 🎥
Gareth Popkins
Language challenge: Slovak for Slavic speakersDance is the language of the soul
Marta Melnyk
12-13『らくらくでペラペラよ!』: Japanese through onomatopoeia! 🎥
Jennifer Geacone-Cruz
Finally, a new logika système de transliteración for Chinês: il Mandarino was never so simpla! (EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, EO) 🎥
Cesco Reale
Slavic inflections: An introduction to Russian and Polish languages
Olga Diacova
The Concept of Mapping applied to Foreign Language Acquisition / 论映射在外语习得中的应用 🎥
Hadrian Sebastian Rachwał
Language challenge: Slovak for non-Slavic speakers
15-16The Austronesian Languages: The Family that Spread from China’s Southern Coast to Madagascar and Polynesia 🎥
Brian Loo Soon Hua
Les grands espaces linguistiques du monde 🎥
Nicolas Viau
Learning a language through “authentic listening” of songs: a workshop about Italian
Davide Bozzo
Hand Off, Headphones On: Don’t Miss Out On Language Podcasts
Kerstin Cable
Aligatorejo (MUL)
16-17When will AI powered voice-bots replace humans in language teaching? 🎥
Silver Ilves
Lightning talks (MUL) 🎥Mandarin and Slovak demonstration lessons 🎥
17-18Closing ceremony