Would you like to be a part of the amazing Polyglot Gathering 2017 in Bratislava? Then register for the event as soon as possible to make sure your spot is secure.

In order to submit the registration for the Polyglot Gathering 2017, you’ll need to know the following information:

  • Which days you want to participate: The official opening is on Wednesday 31 May in the evening. The lectures start on Thursday in the morning and continue every day for the whole day till Sunday 4 June. Of course, we recommend you to come to the whole Gathering because then you’ll have enough time to get to know other polyglots and make new friendships. If you can, however, only attend for a few days, you can decide to attend on individual days (with a higher fee per day). For more information on the fees, see Participation fees.
  • Which meals you would like to order: There is a chance to have lunches and dinners right at the venue in the spacy university canteen. The organizers are making their best to make sure you get decent portions of good quality food, not the usual canteen meals, and we’ll also try to make sure you taste the typical Slovak cuisine there. There is a meaty/vegetarian/vegan option, and the price is 5,90 EUR for a lunch and 4,90 EUR for a dinner (see more information on the meals at Accommodation and food).
  • Whether you want to book accommodation: The participants will not be accommodated at the Gathering venue, but we have managed to get reduced prices in some hotels in the city. If you do not want to look for accommodation by yourself, you can book one of these hotels through us (see more information on hotels at Accommodation and food).
  • Which trips you want to go to: There will be half-day trips during the Gathering as well as a one-day trip around Slovakia after the Gathering. For detailed information about these trips, see Trips.

In the registration form, you will be asked to tick off which days you would like to have your lunches and dinners at the venue. Let us help you with the choice:

  • Arguments for the meals:
    • More hang-out time with other polyglots. You’ll get to spend even more quality time with other participants. That way, you can enjoy the lectures in silence and then talk your hearts out during the joint meals!
    • Comfort. You won’t have to take care of your lunch/dinner, all you need to do is move a few dozen meters away from the lectures. The canteen is in the same building.
    • Save time. If you decide to eat out, you’ll most probably have to take a bus to get to a shopping mall or the city center and then take a bus back. Bratislava has no metro system so you might have to wait a few minutes. Most days, the social program in the evening is at the university which means that having a dinner at the venue seems the most comfortable solution if you’re planning to participate in the evening program (highly recommended!).
    • Save money on dinners. The price of the canteen dinners is cheaper than a dinner in an average restaurant. As for lunches, you can get similar or sometimes even better deals during the lunch time (the so-called daily menus) but there are almost no restaurants in the close vicinity to the university. If you’re ok with fast food and don’t mind moving around a bit, you can get simple meals for less elsewhere in Bratislava.
  • Arguments against the meals:
    • Greater choice. We’ll of course try to make sure the food in the canteen is as good as it gets, but the fact is you won’t have too much choice on what you want to eat. If you’re picky about your food, eating out may be a better choice for you.
    • Get to know more of Bratislava. By eating out in different restaurants, you’ll have a chance to get to know Bratislava better. Of course, it will be at the expense of spending time within the polyglot community.
    • Order in. You can of course order meals to the venue and that way have all the benefits of staying at the venue and still keep the choices more varied. At the Gathering, we will provide you with information on what you can order and how, and our volunteers will also be happy to help you order meals in Slovak (unless you want to learn some Slovak yourself!). The only disadvantage is you’ll have to find a good spot to eat, using plastic cutlery.

Please bear in mind that once you submit your registration, no changes in the meals will be possible (except for special cases). It’s up to you to decide which days you’d like which meals.

Have a look at the program.